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FIFPAC Inc. for Financial Literacy, Life Economics, FQ Education Books, Certified Professionals, Data Analytics, Fun Games
Xinyi Cindy Yu Xinyi Cindy Yu, CPA, CFP, MBA, MS, CFEP, is the cofounder and architect. She is an adjunct professor with Fairleigh Dickinson University. She has more than twenty years’ experience in both corporate and personal finances, and a Read More
Grade Level Books
Children develop at different stages. When they grow up, their life experience, learning capability and focus level will also grow. Therefore, the FQ education at different age level should be different. It should target the right age group.
Parents Reference
Communication between the parents and the children is vital to the success of the family education. Amazon.com      Barnes & Noble      CreateSpace Amazon.com    Barnes & Noble  CreateSpace
Subject Books
We have authored a series of books suitable for the different ages and about different subjects in FQ education. You can click the individual cover to purchase from Amazon.com.
Comprehensive Education
PaperBack Kindle Preview Be a Member Customization Our society's financial and economic environment continues to become more complicated and complex and kids today need to develop financial intelligence more than ever! One of the most effective ways for them to Read More
If you prefer reading e-books, here are the links to e-book version of some of our books. The price of the e-books is significantly lower than the paper version of their counterparts. They are also more portable since you can Read More
You can order our books directly here. Please click the book cover you are interested to purchase from our eStore hosted by CreateSpace. If you purchase more than one books, you can add them to the shopping cart and pay Read More
Besides research and education, we also provide the following consulting services: Provide planning and contents of the financial education course and seminars to schools, universities, companies, related government agents, and the related non-profit organizations. Provide consulting to the people who need financial Read More
Product Brochure
For product information, please click below link and download pdf file. CinFL brochure CFEP brochure