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Why is financial education important to the financial services industry?

It enhances your image

When you provide financial education to your customers, you prove that you sincerely care about them.

It attracts good customers

When customers take the time and effort to become financially educated, they demonstrate their commitment to become financially competent and responsible.

It lowers risk of delinquency

Statistics shows that financially educated people have higher credit scores and lower loan delinquency rates.

So how does it work?

Integrate financial education into your financial services

Partner with us as an authorized distributor, then add financial education as an integrated part of your service package.

Provide financial education to targeted customers

Purchase financial education seats at a very competitive group rate, then provide it as a value added service to targeted customers at your choice.

Select customers based on their financial education

With the growing enrollment of financial education, our student and alumni network will be ideal high quality candidates of your services.

A great tool leads to a great result

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