When dealing with clients and prospects …

I want them know that I am a financial literacy educator, not just another sales person.

I want to stand out from other financial services professionals in the industry.

I want people have confidence on me and my ability.

CFEP will provide you instant credibility!

Here is a scenario for a financial service professional named Greg. He helps his clients allocate their wealth to achieve desired growth and adequate protection according to their risk tolerance level, tax bracket, and other conditions. He also helps people with different ages, occupations, and financial backgrounds to select proper life, health and disability insurance coverage and suitable plans that fit their current financial status and future financial needs.
To serve his current and future clients better, Greg hosts seminars, gives presentations, organizes workshops, and meets them individually. He wants to education them with fundamental financial knowledge and enrich them with the current financial information. However, many prospects still view him as just a salesperson and consider his education sessions as sales pitches. With a CFEPTM certification, his future clients will treat him more openly and more seriously. Meanwhile, his current clients will keep coming back to get more financial knowledge and financial information from him. They will proactively consult with him about financial products instead of silently avoiding him when he tries to approach them.
•  CFEPTM provides instant credibility when dealing with clients and prospects.
•  CFEPTM creates an image for the financial services professional as an “educator” or “teacher” rather than a sales person.
•  CFEPTM distinguishes the financial professional from others in the industry.
•  CFEPTM builds confidence for the financial professional
•  CFEPTM is a valuable attribute in any financial service field including:
o  Financial planning
o  Accounting
o  Banking/mortgage services
o  Insurance
o  Investment services
o  Estate planning
o  Third party administrators
o  Debt management
o  Planned giving

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